I Detest the Heroine, so I’ll Do my Best as the Villainess

This is a new villainess otome isekai series, written by Riko Touma. It’s pretty short, so I thought it would work well as a first series while I familiarize myself with this whole translation thing. Anyway, here is the author’s synopsis:

Ilse was born to a poor Marquise family. To be more precise, she found herself reincarnated as the villainess of an otome game that she played in her previous lifetime.

That said, she isn’t quite bored enough to bully the heroine, so she just left her alone. Yet somehow, she still got entangled with her.

It seems the heroine wants to paint Ilse as the villainess, no matter what. Even though she’s the type of woman Ilse hates, she kept forcing herself into Ilse’s life. 

When she took her fiancé, Ilse’s patience finally ran out. If you insist on framing me as a bully, how about I really become one?

Together with her childhood friend and attendant Joshua, Ilse decided to take on the heroine head-on.

It’s a heartwarming story about a cool beauty who ridicules and gives derisive retorts to the cute heroine.

Table of Contents